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Development and Certification of Responsible AI Products

Strategic Use of Artificial Intelligence

Development and Certification of Responsible AI Products

Artificial intelligence is already having a significant impact on our daily lives. The technology holds enormous potential, from search engines to autonomous driving, from voice assistants to AI-powered medical diagnostics.

For businesses and governments, the use of AI is an opportunity:

  • AI can dynamically optimize processes.

  • It can improve services.

  • It helps develop better products.

With AI, we can create value for customers and society.

Despite many opportunities, AI is still seen as a black box. According to a survey of companies, explainability, data protection, and regulatory compliance are considered top risks to be managed in the process. In addition, errors can have not only immediate monetary consequences but also the trust of customers - and thus the good reputation of a company is at stake.

It is therefore essential to make ethical and regulatory considerations part of their holistic AI strategy from the outset.

Our Approach:

  • Create transparency: Trust in AI as a technology requires traceability. This applies to the selection and development of models, but also to the decision-making processes within a company. Prepare the ground for trust among customers and employees.

  • Minimize algorithmic bias: AI systems are increasingly involved in decisions that very directly affect people's lives. Both positively and negatively. Bias profiles and continuous monitoring are tools that can minimize potential negative influences.

  • Ensure responsible AI use: Society and legislators are pushing for strict control of AI systems. Humans should remain in the driver's seat. Control options must be ensured both technically and procedurally.

  • Respect privacy: Successful AI requires high-quality data. At the same time, the data of individual people must be handled sensitively. Data governance rules play a central role here.

We bring in experience and lessons learned from large corporations with extensive compliance and ethics frameworks and from small startups and scale-ups that haven’t yet developed those structures. We understand the different challenges of each, and bring in diverse perspectives and proven success in implementation, not just endless red tape and useless procedures that don’t fit the practical reality of the product, company, and customers.

Our Services:

  • Assessment of company risk profile (AI system classification along risk level, review of current processes)

  • Development of strategic goals for processes and certification

  • Training and building understanding of relevant regulatory frameworks and standards, from the EU AI Act to IEEE 7000

  • Value-based use case generation and evaluation

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