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Identification of AI-Based Business Models

Successfully develop PoCs with a focused, proven approach

Identification of AI-Based Business Models

Artificial intelligence is a key technology. Considerable resources are being expended on this. There is a risk that budget and resources are invested in complex, "shiny" projects and PoCs rather than in focus areas that actually contribute to value creation. Many companies abandon AI because the first PoCs don’t provide business value. However, the jungle of data and technology often obscures the view of the essentials - the goals. A company needs a clear strategy and realistic goals to deploy AI successfully.

We start with your goal. With our help, you develop ideas, key focus areas, and starting points on how AI can help your company. Next, we evaluate these ideas regarding economic viability, feasibility, and the largest potential value. Based on this, you define initial proofs-of-concept with which you can gain experience and make your company fit for the AI age.

Our experience in consulting, building products, and training means that we can support every part of the process and deliver more than just slides - actual working PoCs that have tangible value and provide an initial lighthouse project for your organization.

Our Services:

  • Training for employees and management teams on AI basics

  • Identification of use cases based on workshops

  • Development of AI strategy and proof-of-concept definition

  • Support with building PoCs - finding the right partners, staffing projects, project management, etc.

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