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Leadership for Start-ups

Build and support new leaders in growing companies

Leadership for Start-ups

Startups, in particular, need to scale their organization quickly to bring a product to market successfully. The dynamic environment often means that many employees move into leadership positions for the first time. This is an excellent opportunity for employees and companies; however, the speed of these changes often leaves little time for onboarding, training, and mentoring. Of course, good leadership is critical to success, so startups need to train and develop their managers quickly and efficiently.

We offer two distinct services to support start-ups in their scaling efforts:

Development Program for New Leaders:

This program is designed to support employees moving into leadership roles for the first time. Whether an engineer is moving into a team lead position or a project manager taking on people management for the first time, we provide a strong foundation in leadership and self-awareness, combined with coaching, mentoring, and network support for new leaders.

Leadership Kick-off : This program supports founding teams as they grow and scale their companies. For example, you might be bringing new hires into the executive team and need to build a coherent leadership team. Or, perhaps your company is simply growing so much that you need to adjust your approach to leadership - we can support you in building a strong leadership team with clear values and approaches so that you can successfully navigate the growth process.

You receive a customized training program for new leaders. We work with you to develop your vision for a leadership culture. Based on this, we select the appropriate modules for your program. The participants are trained in a short time and receive personal coaching. This builds a foundation of knowledge and creates a support system for tackling new leadership challenges. With networking events and follow-up coaching as needed, we help participants develop a network of support and exchange and provide timely support in uncertain situations.

As former executives in large corporations and startups, we know the advantages and disadvantages of both worlds. There is a reason large companies put so much effort into executive selection and training. Introducing additional leadership structures is a critical turning point for the success of a startup. We help to combine professional leadership with agility, product focus and passion.

Our Services:

  • Development Program for New Leaders:

  • Agile learning approach

  • Workshop sessions to build foundational knowledge

  • Curated readings and resources

  • Leadership assessments and support in applying the learnings

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Learning community and networking events

Leadership Kick-off

  • Tailored programs for young companies and founders

  • Customized training programs for young companies

  • Coaching for new leaders

  • Networking events, virtual and in person

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