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Prepare Employees for Digitalization and AI


Digitalization and artificial intelligence are changing both products and ways of working. Companies need to keep pace. Building deep understanding and new capabilities is a crucial factor for success. The needs of the various target groups in the company are very different. Managers need an overview and the essential facts for their company, and specialists need to understand technology in breadth and depth. But employees in production and administration also need to be qualified because knowledge is crucial for recognizing the opportunities and risks of change.

Formal education is too slow, expensive, and cumbersome for the modern workforce. It lags in content and isn’t flexible enough to fit the modern market’s needs. We have experience designing and delivering trainings on a range of topics - from foundational skills and knowledge like communication, conflict resolution, and agile learning to entirely new skills defined by a rapidly changing market, such as agile methodologies, scrum, Machine Learning, Responsible AI.

We have a unique combination of subject-matter knowledge, real-world experience, and educational and training expertise. We deliver trainings on topics ranging from What is AI, to Responsible AI, to Conflict Management and Communication.

We tailor content and delivery to your desired target group. We can cover all essential areas of digitalization and artificial intelligence for a broad audience with varying levels of prior knowledge. Based on your company's goals and specific challenges, we create customized, scaling training content and concepts. We work with a large network of highly skilled subject-matter experts, so combined with your domain knowledge, we can create training programs that work for you.

Our Services:

  • Trainings on agility and scaled approaches

  • Basic trainings AI for employees and manager teams

  • Communication and conflict management for teams

  • Custom trainings on request

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