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Foundations of ethical IT system design

An introduction to the management, development and certification of ethical and responsible AI systems.

Become an expert in ethical AI

Responsibility and ethics are becoming increasingly important in the development of IT systems, especially those with artificial intelligence (AI).


The drivers for this are manifold: Corporate social responsibility or corporate digital responsibility refers to the expectation and (self-)obligation of companies to align their own actions with social and societal aspects. AI as a technology offers great potential, but also raises questions: Customers and society are concerned about possible negative effects that the technology may have. These concerns are fueled not least by media reports that regularly focus on unfair automated decisions and abusive chatbots.  However, it is also clear that companies often have to rely on AI in order to stay ahead of the technological curve. 

Legislators around the world have long since recognized that AI is the key topic of our millennium. With laws such as the European Union's AI Act, companies are increasingly obliged to comply with high standards in the development of AI systems. Often without a clear recommendation for action to implement tasks. 

Our training courses provide a quick, compact introduction to the development of ethical IT systems. We offer you a quick orientation based on international standards and explain the basic data of digital ethics, requirements for the management of AI systems, development methodology and certification as part of this one-day course.

Your professional introduction to AI ethics

Understanding AI ethics.

We explain the basics of AI ethics based on case studies.  

Take a structured approach.  

Learn what AI management needs to achieve and which processes and methods are necessary.

Build up knowledge.

Our basic training enables you to plan your next steps and expand your skills step by step. 

What this program offers you

  • Learn the basics of digital ethics in just one compact training day. 

  • Gain a quick overview of relevant standards and methods.

  • Learn from experienced trainers and build a foundation to plan your next steps.

Basic methods of ethical and responsible AI development

The training "Fundamentals of Ethical IT System Design" is a course that introduces participants to the world of AI ethics and prepares them for the application of ethical principles in technology. The course impresses with its compact and practical presentation of the interrelationships. 

As part of this course, participants will explore the following key aspects:


Artificial Intelligence and Responsibility 

Artificial intelligence is a term that is on everyone's lips, but the definitions commonly used sometimes vary widely. The motivation to address the issue of responsible use of AI also varies. Corporate digital sustainability, positive customer value and regulation are just a few examples of the drivers. The structured overview provides participants with orientation and helps them to understand the current discussion, for example in social media. 


AI ethics and values

Ethics is an ancient doctrine that essentially deals with the question of how humans can lead a good life. How does this question translate into the interaction between humans and machines? What are values and how do they help to consider the topic of ethics in a comprehensible and structured way in system development? A short introduction with a practical exercise provides insights and clarifies the methodology of value-based standards.


Standards and methods

AI ethics is more than just philosophy. It is on everyone's lips because scaled IT systems can pose significant risks to people, nature and health. The supposedly vague topic of ethics must be dealt with in a structured manner and in accordance with the state of the art. There are already a number of international standards that provide much-needed guidance. This section provides an insight into

  • ISO 42001, an international standard for the management of AI-based systems,

  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-7000, a standard developed by IEEE for ethical considerations in system development, on which the Value-Based Engineering method is also based, and

  • IEEE CertifAIEd: a certification program for ethical AI systems.


This course provides a comprehensive foundation for professionals who want to dive into the world of ethical AI and expand their skills in this important area.

Your trainers

Our trainers are experienced experts in IT management, AI development and digital ethics. With their extensive experience in business, research and consulting, they are passionate about teaching ethical principles in AI. Each trainer brings a unique background and perspective to our courses, making complex concepts understandable and promoting responsible technology.

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  • Wed, Jun 05
    Jun 05, 2024, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM GMT+2
    Virtual instructor-led training sessions
    Erforschen Sie die Grundprinzipien des ethischen IT-Designs. Dieser Kurs ist Ihr Einstieg in das Verständnis von Ethik in der Technologieentwicklung und bietet Ihnen das Fundament, um eine führende Rolle in der verantwortungsvollen IT-Entwicklung zu übernehmen.
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