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AI Ethics

IEEE CertifAIEd™
Authorized Assessor Training

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IEEE CertifAIEd™ is the certification program that assesses the ethics of Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS), helping organizations enhance AIS trustworthiness and gain certification. This certification signifies a commitment to delivering a more trustworthy AIS experience to users.

This remote, synchronous course combines Virtual Instructor-Led Training with interactive learning, targeting individuals interested in assessing AIS for compliance with the IEEE CertifAIEd™ criteria. Join our comprehensive IEEE CertifAIEd™ Assessor Training, designed for professionals eager to specialize in ethical AI assessment.

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Training Highlights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of AI ethics and the IEEE CertifAIEd certification process.

Work with experts and participants to conduct ethics audits for products, services and systems.

No special prerequisites for participation required. Experience in the areas of ethics, AI or standards is an advantage.

Why Choose This Program?

  • Learn key AI Ethics principles and IEEE CertifAIEd criteria

  • Hands-on experience in auditing and assessing AI products, services, and systems.

  • Tailored for a diverse audience, including Compliance Officers, Data Scientists, and Technology Consultants.

  • Contribute to advancing AI Ethics and responsible innovation.

By becoming an IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor, you will play a pivotal role in guiding organizations towards ethical compliance and responsible innovation. You'll have the opportunity to offer ethical compliance services based on the rigorous IEEE CertifAIEd criteria. Your role will involve assessing and determining the ethical impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS), culminating in conducting formal assessments for certification purposes. This comprehensive role empowers you to contribute significantly to the ethical advancement and responsible deployment of AI technologies.

Path to Become an IEEE CertifAIEd Author

What our students say

A woman
Mario was an outstanding coach in IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor training. He explained complex AI ethics topics clearly and made the training engaging with real examples. 
Overall, IEEE CertifAIEd training was very relevant for my work and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in AI ethics."

Maria Dapena,

Public Sector Consultant & Women in AI Ambassador for Spain

IEEE CertifAIEd’s Ethical Criteria

In an era where Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS) are increasingly prevalent, the IEEE CertifAIEd certification program emerges as a pivotal framework for ensuring ethical AI. By focusing on four key ethical criteria - ethical privacy, algorithmic bias, transparency, and accountability - IEEE CertifAIEd sets the bar for responsible AI deployment.



Transparency in AI dismantles the 'black box' phenomenon, demanding that AI systems are understandable to users. This involves clear communication about how decisions are made, allowing for scrutiny and trust. It also entails documentation and explainability, ensuring that AI decisions can be traced and understood.



Accountability in AI is about ensuring there are clear lines of responsibility. This criterion focuses on the ability to trace decisions back to the AI system and its operators, ensuring that there are established protocols for error correction, feedback, and continuous improvement.


Ethical Privacy

The cornerstone of ethical privacy in AI revolves around safeguarding user data, demanding robust protocols to prevent unauthorized data access or misuse. This criterion stresses the importance of consent, encryption, and strict access controls, ensuring that AI systems do not become invasive or harmful.


Algorithmic Bias

Algorithmic bias can inadvertently perpetuate inequalities. IEEE CertifAIEd scrutinizes AI systems for any form of bias, be it race, gender, or socioeconomic status. The aim is to create AI systems that offer unbiased, fair decision-making, contributing to a more equitable society.


Extending these principles further, IEEE CertifAIEd promotes a culture of continuous ethical evaluation. It's not just about meeting standards at a single point in time; it's about fostering an ongoing commitment to ethical AI.


The certification process also serves as an educational tool, guiding AI developers and users in understanding the profound impact of their work. It raises awareness about ethical considerations in AI and promotes a dialogue between technologists, ethicists, and the general public.


Moreover, IEEE CertifAIEd's ethical criteria have broader implications for policy and regulation. They offer a template for lawmakers and regulators to understand and shape AI's role in society. This is particularly relevant as AI continues to permeate sectors like healthcare, finance, and law enforcement.


In conclusion, IEEE CertifAIEd’s ethical criteria form a comprehensive framework that not only evaluates AI systems but also shapes the narrative around ethical AI development. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the need for such ethical guidelines will only grow. Programs like IEEE CertifAIEd play a crucial role in ensuring that AI advancements are aligned with the greater good, prioritizing human values and societal wellbeing.

Your trainers

Our team of experienced trainers is committed to empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an IEEE CertifAIEd™ Authorized Assessor. With years of experience in the field of AI and machine learning, our instructors are experts in their respective fields.


Katie Evans is a renowned Consultant in Ethics of AI and a PhD in Philosophy, known for her pivotal role in developing UNESCO's Graphic Novel for AI Literacy. Her expertise spans AI policy, ethics, and sustainability, significantly influencing international AI standards and ethical frameworks.

Katie Evans

IEEE CertifAIEd™ Trainer

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IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Lead Assessor

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