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The Toolset for Responsible AI Solutions

At RightMinded AI, we spearhead technological responsibility, aiding organizations in developing products and processes aligned with ethical AI practices. Our holistic approach considers external and internal factors and is tailored to organizations building products.

To support our clients on their journey towards building ethical and compliant AI systems, we make use of the latest standards and cutting-edge methodology:

  • With Value-based Engineering based on the international ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-8000 standard (known as IEEE 7000), we help design products with ethics in mind. IEEE 7000 also gives valuable guidance on including stakeholders early on in the process to make sure technology meets the expectations of customers and society.

  • IEEE CertifAIEd™ adds an extra layer of scrutiny by providing an assessment on a product level. Obtaining the IEEE CertifAIEd™ badge will help business demonstrate their commitment to ethical AI practices and serve as an orientation to customers.

  • Building and deploying AI successfully, in the long run, requires a clear governance framework. In this respect, ISO 42001:2023 as the latest ISO standard on the management of AI, provides valuable guidance.

With our growing toolbox, RightMinded AI is a trusted partner, offering dynamic methodologies and continuous innovation for organizations embracing responsible AI practices.

1. Organizational Governance and Strategy

For Organizational Governance, we guide organizations through the intricacies of managing AI systems responsibly. Our approach is rooted in discerning external and internal factors that significantly influence the desired outcomes of AI management systems. Based on an initial assessment in line with ISO 42001:2023, we focus on the most pressing issues, covering factors such as:

  • Organizational structures and roles needed to govern AI successfully. Organizations must ensure that responsibilities are clearly outlined and assigned to ensure effective governance. ISO 42001:2023 ensures that the AI management system should be integrated with the organization’s processes and overall management structure. This also includes ensuring that the right resourcing of activities is in place and guaranteed in the long run.

  • Ethical engineering practices in organizational governance involve prioritizing ethical considerations in decision-making and operations. Value-Based Engineering (VBE) is a process that aligns engineering processes with stakeholder values. This approach fosters a corporate culture of trust, social responsibility, and sustained ethical integrity.

  • Leadership involvement and commitment to organizational governance. This is imperative for fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. ISO 42001:2023 standards indicate the importance of establishing, encouraging, and modeling a culture within the organization to take a responsible approach to using, developing, and governing AI systems.

RightMinded AI's commitment to organizational governance is a cornerstone of guiding organizations toward responsible AI practices that align seamlessly with legal requirements, regulatory decisions, and the overarching goal of achieving optimal AI management system outcomes.

2. Project Management

RightMinded AI is an engineering company committed to a holistic strategy beyond identifying risks and opportunities. Also, risks must be identified proactively with clear monitoring methods. Tools such as the NIST AI Risk Management Framework are great starting points for organizations to go deep into the specific aspects of risk management in AI. Our vision is to witness the full spectrum of AI in action, enabling remarkable projects to yield exceptional results. As such, we understand that project management is a key aspect to focus on. Firm ideas and clear goals relating to the expected performance of an AI system are crucially important to direct development efforts.

However, true validation is achievable only through practically applying these protocols in your projects. Therefore, we actively support adapting your existing methodologies to seamlessly integrate these critical aspects, fortifying the underpinnings of your AI initiatives.

3. Product Development

We leverage Value-based engineering (VBE) to make ethical considerations a first-class citizen of your product development. We identify potential outcomes and translate them into ethical value requirements (EVRs). The EVRs become part of the requirements set and can be traced through development to ensure a product complies with them - just like it does comply to any other product requirement deemed important.

RightMinded AI has a focus on competence that involves pinpointing necessary skills, ensuring competency through education, training, or experience, and taking decisive actions with documented evidence. We provide implementation guidance and emphasize the importance of awareness, communication, and documented information. By determining relevant internal and external communication aspects and incorporating necessary documents, we enable organizations to create a robust foundation for knowledge management. Our approach recognizes the varying needs based on organization size, activities, processes, and personnel competence, ensuring an adaptive and tailored knowledge management strategy.

4. Deployment and Monitoring

RightMinded AI supports you in ensuring the quality and compliance of AI systems through rigorous product checks, certifications, and ongoing monitoring, following IEEE CertifAIEd™ and IEEE 7000. We surpass conventional practices by thoroughly assessing product readiness from an ethical point of view before it is released. Certification against IEEE CertifAIEd™ serves as tangible evidence of your commitment to excellence, allowing to showcase the exceptional quality of your AI solutions to customers and the market.



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