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We are RightMinded AI

RightMinded AI makes companies fit for digitization.

We specialize in supporting companies to set up or expand sustainable digital businesses. That means: We focus on people and their potential. We train management and teams so that they can successfully manage scaling and transformation processes. We qualify employees so that they can contribute to the company's success in the digital age. We also support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in successfully managing the far-reaching ethical implications of artificial intelligence.  This is how we help companies to successfully position themselves for the digital future.


Our experts bring together industry know-how and technical expertise with a focus on human potential.

We combine large corporation knowledge with start-up experience, IT skills with university competence. In short: we know what we are talking about. That is why RightMinded AI is an ideal partner for companies undergoing digital change.

Industry Knowledge
Human Potential
Technical Expertise

What Drives Us

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a catalyst for digital change. AI is already having a significant impact on our daily lives. From search engines to autonomous driving, from language assistants to AI-supported medical diagnosis. The potential of this key technology is far from exhausted. Artificial intelligence can help us to work and live in a more sustainable, healthier, safer and fairer way. 

Our work focuses on the question of how people can benefit from new technologies and improved processes.

We do not see digital change as an end in itself. We believe we can shape this transformation in the interest of a sustainable and positive future. AI opens up new perspectives for companies: better products, expanded offerings, new business models. But for society to benefit from long-term growth and innovation, business must act ethically. 


In the AI era, companies play a central role as social actors. Responsible use of AI is essential in order to be able to use the positive potential of the technology.

Management Team

sw marekbeier 053_kk_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Mario Tokarz

Managing Partners

Mario has extensive experience in software team management from concept to product. From start-up to large corporation.


As Engineering Manager for AI in autonomous vehicles, he has a unique view of technical and organizational challenges in scaling companies.

In addition to his business experience, he was one of the drivers behind the definition and adoption of BMW's open source software policy. This gives him unique insights into implementing corporate governance.

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